About Upstream

UpstreamMagazine.com is an online magazine that celebrates life in all its dimensions. We provide a forum for Caribbean people at home and abroad to share their stories of faith, hope, struggle and triumph with the rest of the world so that others will be encouraged.

Upstream Magazine first appeared in newsprint format on the Trinidad and Tobago market in September 2001. It was re-launched as a full colour glossy magazine to domestic and regional audiences in 2006. The Upstream Magazine brand has now evolved into an online format thus fulfilling its original mandate to be a global player in the magazine industry. This move from print to web also supports Upstream Publications Limited's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint by offering both traditional and non traditional solutions to publishing.

Upstream Magazine has been supported over the years by a dynamic team which includes the Board of Directors and staff of Upstream Publications Limited, graphic artists, freelance writers, photographers, distributors and other service providers. There have also been a steady flow of individuals, companies, churches and para church organisations that have identified with and endorsed the strong, positive, values-based message of the Upstream brand. These ‘friends of Upstream' have demonstrated their support through investments in advertising, sponsorship and donations.

At UpstreamMagazine.com  we believe that while life is full of challenges, with God's help, we can swim against the tide. You can do the same. Let's go Upstream together on the journey of life!




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