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VICTORY HEIGHTS  - Going for Higher

Like me, your first camping experience at Victory Heights probably remains an indelible memory. There I was, sweating and slowly climbing the long and winding hill up to the campsite with my hastily packed suitcase because I had missed the transport and really, really wanted to go to camp. Half way up the hill, I was no longer so sure. I made an agreement with myself - if I rounded the next corner and did not see signs of a campsite I would be turning back. Fortunately, the next corner was the last one leading to the crest of the hill and offering the sounds of people singing and playing, a glimpse of the main auditorium and swimming pool, the smell of fruit trees and food cooking and the feel of the sweet summit breezes that are among the most memorable features of the Victory Heights experience.

It is impossible to talk about Victory Heights Bible Camp without mention of the founders, Dave & Elaine Crane. It was their vision, back in 1959 that got the whole project started.
Dave had come to T&T to establish a Christian Radio Station. He acquired the property at Redemption Hill, Five Rivers, Arouca as a suitable site but was unable to secure a licence from the Government for a station. Instead, he began constructing a Christian Campsite, the first in the Trinidad and Tobago. Dave passed away in 2007 and a plaque has been erected in memory of his efforts. For a long time, the main auditorium was the only building with campers being accommodated in tents. Then the dorms and the pool and the playing field were built.

Today the campsite has 300 beds, an auditorium to accommodate 500 persons and a lighted playing field that is the venue of a windball cricket league played in the night.
In addition to the Main Auditorium and the Girls + Boys Dorms, there are two (2) other, self contained camping areas – POOLSIDE VILLAS has 4 rooms with 8 beds each and BETHEL on the North of the playing fields has 50 beds. The self-contained areas have their own meeting areas and kitchens so that three (3) simultaneous but separate camps can be accommodated.

In pursuit of its vision of being the premier Christian Campsite in the Caribbean, Victory Heights has is currently pursuing the following development works:

  1. The Basketball Dorm will be upgraded to serve as another self-contained camping area accommodating 50 persons. Separate male and female rooms were prepared and an auditorium built. Only the kitchen remains to be done.

  2. Children’s Playgrounds
    In addition to the playground area near to the Girls Dorm, another playground with swings, parallel-bars, slides etc. will be constructed in the Bethel area.
    This cater for children’s camps as well as the Day-Campers from various schools who enjoy visiting the campsite.

  3. Improved Security
    If security is your concern, then rest assured that Victory Heights is working to improve security via signs, barriers and electronic surveillance. It is our intention to make your camping experience as safe as home.

  4. Youth Oriented Activity

Victory Heights Bible Camp is a jointly operated ministry of the Association of Evangelical Bible Churches. It is our desire that you join us in ‘Going for Higher’ come up to Victory Heights where ‘lives are changed for good’.
For more information, Contact the Campsite at 640 5345 or and the AEBC Office at 662 2283 or and website www.aebctt,com




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