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Dry bones ain't got a chance

What do you do when faced with dead or dying situations in your life? Ezekiel has some answers. Upstream's editor Natasha Coker-Jones says she knows a thing or two about dry places.

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'An Insatiable Desire to Live'

UWI graduate Kwesi Aguillera is a fighter. His rare condition baffled doctors for years. Successfully diagnosed, he can finally seek out the life-saving surgery he needs. See how ordinary people are pitching in and what you can do to make it happen.

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I've Got a Future

He's young and single with a promising Gospel music career that was about to take off. Then the secret broke. He had been leading a double life. Worship leader Keron Ramsey had fallen--big time. And that's where the story might have ended. But God...

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Jason Bishop - Transformed by Truth

It wasn't an accident, sickness or any kind of 'near death' experience that caused Jason Bishop to give up the perks of being a guitarist in one of T&T's top soca bands. But his story is no less intriguing.

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Watch What You Watch!

Once upon a time it was said that 'real' Christians don't go to the cinema. That was light years ago. Today, movies are 'in' and many believers have no qualms about watching their favourite flick, be it the R-rated 'Sex in the City' or the horror 'Drag Me To Hell.' The big question is: Have we gone too far?

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by Ken Ham

Who would have ever thought that the teachings of the "religion" of evolution can be the basis of such common beliefs and practices as abortion, pornography, drugs, broken homes and violence? Ken Ham is apologetic in his presentation of creationism vs. evolution.  He is fully in defence of the scriptures on creation and convincingly proves this on the basis of Genesis (especially chapters 1-11) that the case for creationism is the only true and sensible answer to our existence.  Evolution is described not as a science but as a religion.  He believes that every believer should have an awareness of the principles presented since it is soteriological in nature and is also foundational to a truly strong church.  I have found this book to be life changing.

Published by:   Master Books

Review by: Desmond Austin. Pastor - Tunapuna Open Bible Std. Church, Trinidad




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