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I've Got a Future

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I've Got a Future

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by Natasha Coker-Jones

ramsey pix
Keron Ramsey

The Keron Ramsey story

What do you do after a fall? Gospel singer Keron Ramsey, 22, has some thoughts. His fall from grace was a biggie by Christian standards: a single young high-profile worship leader with a promising music career careens off the straight and narrow, gives into sexual temptation and gets his girlfriend pregnant.

He’s not the first, and is hardly likely to be the last to deal with this very public sin, but talking about it openly is Ramsey’s way of helping others to learn from his mistakes.

Never a dawdler, Ramsey was an exceptionally busy teenager with music and sport high on his list of passions. He played football for his alma mater St Benedict’s College in La Romain and lays claim to being the shortest goalkeeper in the Inter-collegiate league at that time.

But even then his love for music dominated.

Singing since age seven, Ramsey felt God’s call to ministry at 15. He credits his mom Sharon with nurturing his musical talents.

“My mother had a major influence in my life because of the music she listened to,” Ramsey told UpstreamMagazine.com. He grew up on the crooning of Gospel music icons like Ron Kenoly, Alvin Slaughter, Helen Baylor, and Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr Singers. His mother was also a big fan of smooth jazz guitarist Tim Bowman.

Ramsey figures he got his vocals mainly from the maternal side. Back in the day his mom ran with a family group called the Neckles Sisters, and young Keron was often in tow. The fact that his dad, Nigel, was also a singer and a trumpeter meant that Keron, who plays the keyboards and guitar, got the best of both worlds.

Never bereft of love, his childhood home was nevertheless fraught with hardship. His father left when Keron was five and his mother had to play the double parent role to her two sons. She later remarried and now has a little girl.

For years the single parent family lived on mom’s $400 monthly pay cheque. Ramsey sums up those years as moments of “character building.” He never forgot the day he saw his mother cry because there wasn’t enough in the house to eat. He was living with his grandparents at the time. His mom went to the back yard and picked moko (family of plantain). “We ate fried moko, boiled moko, we mashed moko... This is why I don’t believe that single parent households lead to delinquent youth…My mother kept God at the centre of everything.”

Church wasn’t optional. And up to age 17, Ramsey recalls a 10 p.m. curfew being in effect. When CXC came around, Ramsey couldn’t find the balance between playing the sport he loved and applying himself to his academics. He performed poorly and mom doled out tough love.

She made him empty his savings, a small fortune of $5,000 and told him to use the money to send himself back to school the next year. Needless to say “I took it seriously,” Ramsey recalls with a chortle. He got all his passes at the second attempt and the grades earned him a spot in the A Level programme. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in the Performing Arts at COSTATT, a tertiary institution based in Trinidad.

In his mid teens, Ramsey joined a church group called New Life Christ Disciples. The group wrote their own songs and ministered especially to the George Street, La Romain community. After two years Ramsey left the group and launched out into a solo career.  He was 18.

His first single was called Steps, followed by Lead Me. It was only after the third single Drowning, followed by Special Love that he had settled on a signature style. That turned out to be heavily influenced by R&B. Soon, friends and fans started comparing his sound to the likes of Kanye West and Usher, with a Gospel twist of course.

Ramsey continued to distinguish himself in ministry. He was appointed youth choir director and youth worship leader at his home church Revival Mission. His profile as a solo Gospel artist was also on the rise as he was increasingly approached to be among the line up for concerts and events. It seemed that all the hobnobbing with the likes of established names in the business was finally paying off. Added to which he was on the cusp of being signed with a label that would produce his debut album. It was in the midst of this upswing that his girlfriend of four years broke the news that she was pregnant.

The secret was out.


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This was a very inspirational reading. Thank you Mr Ramsey for sharing so openly your experience. I too have fallen, I was rediculed and i decided to take a stand, a stand for the Almighthy. Although I am still struggling i am pressing on and holding on for the mark of the higher calling. Sometimes when i feel down and out i just ask the saviour to hold me close don't let me fall. Now that i have read your story it gives me more inspiration to keep holding on and to do the right thing no matter how hard things may seem at times.Thinking back on where i was and where i am for today, only the Lord could have brought me this far. so Mr. Ramsey as you know, the Lord has been there and will always be there for you so keep the faith and continue sharing God's grace with others. God Bless!
Margaret Rose

Someone sent me this testimony on Christmas morning, I really can't figure out who, but I want to thank you (the sender), and Keron for the best gift this Christmas. 2011 will certainly be different for me. God bless all of you, love Azarel and La Toya and keep looking at the sunshine you will never see the shadows.Thank you for the 'GIFT'.

God bless you and your family keep shining, and being salt in this earth ....as God used David may he use u...tremendously..

This is an interesting read and I credit the young man for being willing to share his experience because even like he said it seems to be "very common" in the Church. It's sad though that in his introspection he seems to lay some of the blame at the feet of the Pastors. As someone who works with young people (both CHRISTian and non-Christian), it's very hard to distinguish between the two. Fact is that a lot of church goers have embraced the world and its values. As a result, hearing the Word of GOD has little or no effect. JESUS himself said we can't serve two masters; yet a lot of people in our churches are trying to do just that. Our walk with GOD is a personal one. What we put into it, is exactly what we'll get out of it. Please understand that I'm not saying I'm not tempted daily. That's not my life. I've come to understand though that one of the best ways to overcome temptation is to acknowledge my areas of weakness and recognize when I could be placed in a position that would see me tempted to yield, and avoid them. Folks may say I'm stupid, super-spiritual or whatever but JESUS CHRIST is worth it. I bless GOD for the brother and his family, and I wish them the best of everything.


Keron, may God continue to bless you and your family. I believe when someone shares from the heart as you did, you free yourself for any hold that the enemy may have on you. Continue to be a rising star.

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